Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cyberknife Radiation Treatment in Cancer - Health - Cancer

Cyberknife radiation therapy is a modern way of treating cancers. This is one kind of automatic radiosurgery process and it is used to treat benign tumors as nicely as malevolent kind tumors. This kind of cancer radiation is initially introduced to the medical planet by a neurosurgeon named John R. Adler, a professor of Division of Neurosurgery and Radiation Oncology. This is a non-invasive therapy process for cancer and is really a lot liked by the patients today as it is time and expense productive way of treating their illness.

The Cyberknife gear used to deliver radiation therapy consists of a diagnostic x-ray tube, 6 MV linear accelerator, secondary collimator, robot gantry, silicon x-ray detectors, and a patient couch. Once a few years back for a longtime, cancer therapy is treated mainly by surgery, but this therapy is really complex with way more side effects and also pricey one. Emergence of cyberknife process is honestly an productive way to treat cancers today, as this reduces the risks of surgical procedures and also time-productive one.

Frequently some cancers can be cured using medicines only, but some with surgical procedures and some cancers can only be cured by radiation process. Prior to treating any kind of cancer, the evaluation of the disease is really a lot helpful in picking the therapy kind for that illness. Mostly all kinds of breast cancer and throat cancers are treated mainly by using surgical procedures, but blood cell cancers can only be treated by chemotherapy process normally.

The perfect part of radiation therapy is that it can be applied if the cancer is spread to nearby organs or to cut down the discomfort of the cancer. The major drawback of radiation process is that when radiation therapy is given, the nearby non-cancer areas also are affected by radiation, as the total radiation is given from the very same direction. The benefit of cyberknife radiation therapy process is that the total radiation is given to any part of cancer by giving them in many components from various angles and so the cancer is destroyed. This kind of cyberknife therapy is known as as stereotaxy or stereotactic surgery process. The time spent for this process is around half hour to one and half hour only and also there are only fewer side effects. This therapy is typically given in many stages for about 5 days if the therapy is extensive one.

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