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Sai had been 96 as per Stellar Indian Calender !

Sai still left the planet at 0740 AM, Sunday, Uthrashada, Sapthami Thidhi. At which time
Taurus was rising, Taurus has been his Eighth House, He staying delivered within Libra.

May His intellect relax in peace.

Patham Udayam or perhaps that 10th Rising with the actual Sun can be quite auspicious, because the Sun
is inside deep exaltation ! He had been in fact a Maha Purusha !

He was given birth using Libra rising, similar to Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi, along with Mars in
Aries, forming Rucha Maha Yoga. Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, but
Retrograde, equalling exaltation. He appeared to be an embodiment regarding Love, Compassion
and Service.

The Roman Calender applied the solar numerous years of 365.25 days.

In that Indian Calender, decades exist. We have the

Solar Year - regarding 365.25 days ( Sam Vatsaram )
Lunar Year - 29*12 times ( Indha Vatsaram )
Stellar Year - 27*12 days ( Nakshatra Vatsaram )
Anu vatsaram pari vatsaram indha vatsaram eva cha
Samvatsarm vatsarascha vaidhooryeva prabhashathe

Since this Ecliptic or the particular Zodiac can be tenanted by simply 12 Signs with 30 levels and
27 constellations or maybe Nakshatras, one stellar or perhaps sidereal ( " relevant to
the actors ") 30 days can be 27 nights in addition to just one Stellar Year is 12*27 = 324 days.This
stellar calendar month originate coming from Beta Arieties ( Aswinit ) for you to Zeta Piscium (
Revathi ) and is usually with 27 days.

Hence in the event that all of us estimate Sai's age, this individual seemed to be 96 whenever he still left his body. He had
lived 30, 834 days, out of his or her birthdate through twenty three Nov 1926 in order to 24042011. We get
95 ages plus 54 days to weeks as well as Sai is at his 96th year.

In Indian Astrology, you can find many who calculate planetary hours using
solar ( 3 65.25 days) , lunar ( 354 nights ) or stellar ages ( 324 days).
There may also be quite a few astrologers whom compute 360 a short time as an year, given that the
Zodiac is usually 360 degrees !

The Western Tropical Calender is not correct along with the Gregorian Calender came
into appearing as being a changes on the Julian Calender. Gregory decreed on Oct
4 th that the up coming days to weeks is Oct 14th. So that Western Tropical Calender needs
modifications from time to time, for the reason that Tropical Zodiac is actually ever before moving, in
contrast to the Indian Sidereal Zodiac, and that is static and immobile. The
Roman Calender appeared to be enforced on India because of the British !

Both Ramana Maharshi and Sai contain the very same horoscopes. Both had been delivered along with Libra rising, by using Mars in Aries. In Sai's horoscope, Jupiter ended up being debiliated, but using cancellation. The non secular planets, Saturn, Jupiter as well as Ketu were within excellent positions, building him a new Divine Personality.

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