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The Venusian Law ( Shukra Neeti )

The Mosaic Law involving Western Thought is famous asShukra Neethi ( Venusian Law ) throughout Indian Philosophy. The Jesusian Law corresponds toBrihaspathi Neethi, that is definitely rising into a higher plane which usually returns excellent for evil !

Even however it truly is shown that spread will be Sin as well as should be avoided,Shukra Neethi or even the Venusian Law reports this it's possible to then lie with regard to virtue !

Kaliyil prana rakshakkum
Go brahmana hithathinum
Kanya Vitha rakshakkum
Poli Nindithamalledo !

In business, one is not trufhful many of the time. There is a saying, Truth is usually ruinous, therefore suppressio veriti, suggestio falsi ! In order in making profits, that biz person is usually offered the licence that will then lie !

Milton claimed this Mammon seemed to be the primary trainer with Man

By him first
Men also

The God plus Mammon connected with West ern Thought have his or her equivalents in

Brihaspathi or Jupiter - the particular Guru in the celestials and also representer belonging to the twelve positive sciences regarding theVedas

Shukra or even Venus - the Guru belonging to the challenges plus representer of their current sciences

Milton's " It is more preferable that will leadership in Hell in comparison with offer inside Heaven " is usually Venusian orShukra Neeti in addition to is widely adopted by means of politicians, mafia chiefs, your priesthood plus the captialists !
In Mythology Indian, Venus and also SageShukra seemed to be born for you to Bhrighu in addition to Usana. He was given birth to the daytime of Freya and also Venus, Friday. He was born in the constellation of Swathi. Freya is definitely Venus inside Norse Mythology and Freya's time started to be Friday.Shukravar is actually Friday which is branded right after Shukra. Shukra ended up being delivered to know theVedas from Angiras, that appeared to be partial to his or her son,Brihaspathi. However, Shukra learnt the particular Vedas from Gauthama. He later carried out penance to help Lord Shiva along with obtained theSanjeevani Mantra, a rule which can resurrect the dead.

When Jupiter orBrihaspathi turned that Guru belonging to the celestials,Shukra competed as well as grew to be the Guru regarding the demons ! He exhorted that demons for you to gain this showdown towards the celestials !

When King Bali had been tried simply by Lord Vishnu within the form of that dwarf Vamana, Shukra immediately understood belonging to the deceipt and informed King Bali. He sat within the spout of the vase, that's spotted by way of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu harvested a straw on the surface plus moved them around the spout, using the effect Shukra turned half shutter !

Shukra corresponds to help Machiavelli. Machiavelli opined which being dreaded is superior to that they are loved. ( "Love is definitely safeguarded by the link regarding duty which men within their baseness split away from at each ability thus to their personal advantage, while fearfulness maintains a person with the worry associated with punishment which by no means is not " ). Machiavelli opined this gentlemen are trust along with ugly. ( " This has to be asserted generally for men, potentially they are cowardly, covetous, ungrateful, fickeminded and untrue in addition to being much time because you succeed, these are your own entirely"). Armed prophets possessed su cceeded, unlike the unarmed had failed !

The Jesus along with Machiavelli of Western thought, the two dialectial opposites, match that will Brihaspathi and also Shukra of Indian thought !

Shukra inside Sanskrit suggests brightness, clearness, purity. These mythological figures are generally planets plus Vedic Symbolism ended up being employed by the Rishies. Astrologically, he symbolizes this mundane arts and the tedious sciences, in contrast to Jupiter or perhaps Brihaspati connotes the divine sciences plus the divine arts.

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